B.J. Raji rips on Atlanta Falcons

Apparently, Aaron Rodgers wasn’t the only member of the Green Bay Packers that took offense to some preseason comments by Atlanta receiver Roddy White.

Green Bay defensive lineman B.J. Raji had some pretty harsh words for the Falcons after the Packers won Sunday night’s game, 25-14.

"Now that we abused them, for the second time in a row, at their home, there’s nothing really to do,” Raji said. “If they want to play us again, tell them to come up to Lambeau [Field]. That’s it. That’s how we’re doing it.”

Raji said he doesn’t view the Falcons as a rival.

“They have a long way to go,” Raji said. “For it to be a rivalry, you have to win meaningful games. They’re just another opponent. They have a long way to go. I wouldn’t talk like this, but when people don’t respect you, I don’t take it lying down. Those people don’t respect us, so, in turn, I’m not going to give them any respect.”