Southern exposure for Week 7

Let’s take our weekly look at which NFC South games will be televised in what markets.

The Sunday night game between the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts will be televised nationally on NBC.

But it’s kind of interesting this week to look at the map on the506.com and see where the games between the Buccaneers and Bears, Falcons and Lions, and the Panthers and Redskins will air.

The Bucs and Bears are playing in London — the most exposure Tampa Bay will have had this season, other than its “Monday Night Football’’ game with the Colts. For a change, the Bucs are playing a “home’’ game that will not be blacked out locally.

Tampa Bay’s game will be shown throughout all of Florida and through most of the Midwest. The game will also be picked up throughout New Mexico, Arizona and part of California. Curiously, the Philadelphia market will also get the Tampa Bay-Chicago game.

Atlanta also will be getting good exposure. Its game with the Lions will be shown through most of the South, the parts of the Midwest that aren’t getting the Bucs and Bears, large chunks of Nevada and California and a portion of New England.

The game between the Panthers will air throughout the Carolinas, Virginia and Maryland. It also will be picked up in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas (I guess that’s so Dallas fans can root against Washington). The entire state of Utah (Steve Smith and Jordan Gross are big deals there) also will be getting the Carolina game.