More on Lions, Falcons and karma

Apparently, karma -- or at least the idea of getting what you deserve -- can flow both ways.

Yes, it’s time for the latest in the war of words between the Atlanta Falcons and Detroit Lions. For background, a few of the Falcons said Detroit defensive linemen Ndamukong Suh and Cliff Avril were making comments and gestures when quarterback Matt Ryan was injured in Sunday’s game. Suh fired back, denying that, but saying the injury might be karma and accusing Atlanta’s offensive line of using some underhanded tactics.

Now, that bit about karma is being lobbed right back at Suh. This time, it comes in this radio interview with Atlanta cornerback Brent Grimes.

"For you to mock somebody when they're on the ground and they are possibly seriously hurt where they might need a cart to take them off the field, that's just not cool,'' Grimes said. "That comes back to people when they do something like that.''

That's all we've got on this story for the moment. But stay tuned. Even on a day when players are off, a Lion or Falcon could add to this one at any time.