Thoughtful side of Roddy White

As most of you know, Atlanta receiver Roddy White has a tendency to be outspoken. Sometimes, it’s in a playful way. Sometimes, White can be controversial.

But there’s another side to White that isn’t always seen. That’s the thoughtful side. It surfaced Monday when White was talking about the season-ending knee injury to teammate Ovie Mughelli that happened in a victory against Detroit.

White told John Manasso that he thinks the NFL should outlaw the type of hit that caused Mughelli’s injury. Mughelli was looking back at quarterback Matt Ryan on a pass play when he was hit from the side and behind by safety Louis Delmas.

"Once you see it, once he caught the ball, he couldn't really get around and the guy kind of cut him on his knees," White said. "That's kind of, that's bad. The NFL's got to make a rule or something on that. Those guys going into the flat and they can't see and getting your knees cut from under you like that. It's tough, especially when you're playing on turf and you're planted into the ground and you get hit like that."

White got into a war of words with Detroit defensive linemen Ndamukong Suh and Cliff Avril in the days after the game. White and center Todd McClure said Suh and Avril were making comments and gestures, which they thought were in appropriate, while Ryan was down on the ground with an injury.

But White wasn't looking to continue the war on this issue. He refused to say Delmas made a dirty play.

"Not really a dirty play because everybody does that week in week out in the NFL, it's just if you happen to get caught or not," White said.