Falcons up tight against salary cap

After losing fullback Ovie Mughelli to a season-ending knee injury and signing Mike Cox to help replace him, the Atlanta Falcons suddenly are very tight against the salary cap.

The Falcons are just $1.641 million under their adjusted cap of $123.4 million, according to current league-wide figures obtained by ESPN.com. The only teams with less cap space are the Pittsburgh Steelers ($1.09 million) and the New York Giants ($1.498 million).

If the Falcons have any more injuries, they’ll likely have to sign players at minimum salary. If they have multiple injuries, they may have to renegotiate the contract of one of their veterans to create additional cap space.

The Carolina Panthers aren’t far behind the Falcons. They’re $2.005 million under the cap. The New Orleans Saints currently have $3.7 million in cap room.

Those three are well beneath the league average ($10.8 million) in cap space.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are at the other end of the spectrum. They have $26.1 million in cap space. The only teams with more cap room are the Jacksonville Jaguars ($33.8 million) and the Kansas City Chiefs ($27.5 million).