Falcons QB Matt Ryan not on a pretty pace

ESPN Stats & Information just provided an interesting, but unflattering, nugget on Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan.

Like the rest of the Falcons, Ryan has been up and down this season. That inconsistency has kept his numbers from being overly impressive.

In fact, Ryan is well within striking distance of his interception and sack totals for the full 2010 season. It’s possible Ryan could reach both totals Sunday when the Falcons play the Colts.

Ryan already has thrown eight interceptions this season. Last season, he finished with nine. Ryan has been sacked 18 times this season. He was sacked 23 times in 2010.

I think the one category where it’s safe to say Ryan isn’t even close to last year’s total is touchdown passes. Ryan has thrown nine touchdowns this season. Last season, he finished with 28. Ryan could reach that number by the end of the season. But, even against the struggling Colts, he’s not going to get there this week.