LeBron: Cam Newton a top 5 QB

Readers had some widely different opinions on Carolina’s Cam Newton in our weekly NFC South chat on Friday. I’ll share some highlights and a transcript of the chat in a bit, but one reader referred to Newton as a “turnover machine’’, while others wondered if he will make the Pro Bowl.

Well, we’ve got a pretty weighty word on Newton. It seems that NBA star LeBron James is using his lockout time to rank NFL players. On his verified Twitter account, James ranked the top five quarterbacks. He had Newton at No. 5. Not sure if James is an NFL personnel expert, but he is one of the greatest athletes on the planet. Maybe it takes one to know one.

James also has Drew Brees on his list at No. 3. James also sent out his list of top five wide receivers. He’s got Carolina’s Steve Smith on there at No. 3.