Haynesworth brings name to Tampa Bay

A couple of more things on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers claiming defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth off waivers.

There’s no question this was strictly a football move because the Bucs were thin at the position after losing Gerald McCoy to a season-ending injury. But this move could, at least to some degree, help a franchise that has struggled at the ticket office. As I pointed out in this October column, the Bucs have a lot of good things going for them. But they really don’t have many big-name players and that doesn't generate a lot of excitement for average fans.

Haynesworth might not be the league’s most popular player, but he definitely is a big name. I’m not saying the mere presence of Haynesworth is going to have people lining up at the ticket office. But his arrival is definitely creating a buzz around Tampa Bay.

That kind of thing didn’t happen when the Bucs signed defensive tackle John McCargo on Tuesday. They turned around and waived McCargo on Wednesday to make room for Haynesworth on the roster.