Wrap-up: Eagles 38, Panthers 10

Posted by ESPN.com’s Pat Yasinskas

I’m sitting in a press box in Tampa, trying to figure out when exactly Jake Delhomme turned into Chuck Knoblauch.

Seriously, when’s the last time you saw an athlete just "lose it" like Delhomme has. Knoblauch’s the guy who suddenly went from being the leadoff batter and second baseman for the New York Yankees to being out of baseball in a blink. Delhomme might follow a similar path.

I hate to say it because Delhomme’s as classy a guy as you’ll find in the NFL and I used to think he was a pretty decent quarterback. Like John Fox and Marty Hurney, I was ready to give Delhomme the benefit of the doubt after last season’s playoff disaster against Arizona.

But how do you do that again when Delhomme comes out after all these months and does the exact same thing?

The situation in Carolina is really bad all of the sudden. The Panthers yanked Delhomme and put in Josh McCown. He got hurt and they turned to Matt Moore. Can bringing Vinny Testaverde out of retirement really be far behind?

Testaverde was the guy the Panthers turned to in 2007 after Delhomme got hurt and David Carr imploded. Testaverde was the safe choice then and he at least got the Panthers through a season in which they were the league’s most disappointing team.

Fox and Hurney survived that one because they had a built-in excuse: They lost their quarterback. That’s not an excuse this time around because Fox and Hurney were the ones who decided to sign Delhomme to a contract extension after the Arizona debacle.

Maybe Fox and Hurney should call Testaverde. Maybe Delhomme should call Knoblauch.