Programming notes for Week 2

Posted by ESPN.com’s Pat Yasinskas

Should be a busy day and a busy week in the NFC South.

We’ll see what all four coaches have to say about Sunday’s games in their Monday press conferences. I’m particularly interested in hearing what Carolina coach John Fox has to say about his quarterback situation.

He implied Sunday that Jake Delhomme will remain the starter. But can you really stick with Delhomme after what’s happened in his last two games? Then again, it’s not like the Panthers have a choice. Backup Josh McCown got hurt and may be out for an extended period and I’m not sure that it’s really an option to boost No. 3 quarterback Matt Moore to the starting role right now. The Panthers may have to sign a quarterback to take McCown’s place. Jeff Garcia’s out there.

I’m also curious to see if anything happens with Derrick Brooks on Monday or Tuesday. A team could sign him now and his salary wouldn’t have to be guaranteed for the entire season. Something could happen with the Saints, but do they really need or want Brooks?

Speaking of the Saints, if anything is going to happen with possible suspensions for Will Smith and Charles Grant this week, the announcement will come Monday or Tuesday.

Some things on the horizon for later in the week: The NFC South chat is scheduled for Friday at 1 p.m. On Sunday, I’ll be in Atlanta for the game between the Panthers and Falcons. Still talking back and forth with the folks in Bristol to figure out where I'll go in Week Three, but that can wait until we get through Week Two.