Arthur Blank, Jim Mora share warm moment

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- There was a very interesting moment in a media room at Bank of America Stadium on Sunday after the Atlanta Falcons defeated the Carolina Panthers.

As the media waited for coach Mike Smith, the door swung open and former Atlanta coach Jim Mora stuck his head in very briefly.

“Oops, wrong room,’’ said Mora, who has been working as a television analyst in recent years.

Mora was hired as the head coach at UCLA on Saturday, but fulfilled his Sunday obligation as a broadcaster.

A few minutes after Mora ducked out of the media room, he came back in. Smith still hadn’t arrived, but Falcons owner Arthur Blank was in the room.

Blank quickly strode over in Mora’s direction and the two hugged and exchanged words. I couldn’t hear the conversation, but it was pretty obvious it was warm and I feel safe in guessing Blank was congratulating Mora on his new job.

Blank has shown he’s capable of having good relationships with people who left his organization under bad terms. He has done it with Michael Vick and now with Mora.

However, I’d have a tough time imagining Blank hugging Bobby Petrino.