Scouting Panthers' QB situation

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

Like a lot of people, I can't quite understand why Carolina quarterback Jake Delhomme seems to have suddenly fallen apart. That's why I called Jeremy Green of Scouts Inc. for a breakdown on what's going on with Delhomme.

"I don't think this was all of the sudden like a lot of people think," Green said. "Look back to last year, even before the playoff game with Arizona. He had a couple of pretty bad games and that Oakland game really sticks out."

So even if Delhomme's slump isn't that sudden, why is it happening?

"This was always a guy that was a very good game manager," Green said. "He wasn't ever going to beat you with his physical skills, and now his physical skills are deteriorating. He's not even managing the game well now. It's like the game is going too fast for him. You can see he's not comfortable in the pocket and he's not making good decisions. He's struggling with his confidence."

Has Delhomme just "lost it?" Green said that might be the case.

"I think this translates almost to a speed receiver losing a step," Green said. "When that happens, it's over. Guys like Jerry Rice and Cris Carter could go on because they could beat you with things besides speed and some quarterbacks can go on as they get older because they can still do a lot of things well. Delhomme's a guy who has been at his best as a game manager. If he can't do that anymore, that's obviously a problem."

But Green said Carolina's best hope, at the moment, still is Delhomme. The Panthers just signed A.J. Feeley after backup Josh McCown was lost for the season with an injury, and Matt Moore is the only other quarterback on the roster.

"They have to get Feeley ready very quickly because he's the guy they'll have to turn to if Jake doesn't turn it around," Green said.”He probably has a better arm than Delhomme or Moore and he has some experience. But he's a West Coast offense guy and Carolina doesn't run that offense. Usually, when you take a West Coast guy out of that offense, it's a struggle."

Although Moore might be a fan favorite right now, Green said fans should be careful what they wish for.

"Matt Moore is a smart guy and he has spent some time in their offense," Green said. "But if you go back to what he did in college, you'll see that he has trouble with pressure and isn't a good decision maker. He might be able to come in and give them a good game or two, but he's not a long-term answer. He's a career No. 3 quarterback."