Film of the NFC South chat

We covered all sorts of ground in Friday’s NFC South chat. The Drew Brees versus Aaron Rodgers for MVP debate was a hot one. We also talked quite a bit about the Falcons and Saints, who will play on Monday night.

We didn’t really talk much about the Tampa Bay and Carolina matchup on Saturday, but we talked quite a bit about the futures of Bucs coach Raheem Morris and Carolina offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski. We also talked about the future of Atlanta offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey.

Speaking of chatting, I’ll be joining the great Whitney Johnson on Friday at about 5:20 p.m. ET on ESPN Tampa Bay Radio (1040 AM). Whitney is filling in from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. For those who have missed his work, I'd urge you to tune in.

Here’s a look at the highlights from Friday’s chat:

Lloyd (Baton Rouge, LA): Hey Pat, I'm wondering how your fellow blogger friends or friends in the media view Brees' season as compared to Aaron Rodgers' season. How many of them really feel Aaron Rodgers has already won the MVP?

Pat Yasinskas: Item up on the blog right now about that topic. Ashley Fox wrote a column similar to one I wrote a month ago. We both say that Brees at least deserves to be in the conversation. I honestly think Rodgers wins the award due to Packer Power, although he certainly is deserving. But I also think Brees has put up a very strong case for himself.

Steve (Rural Hall, NC): What are the odds that Chud stays with the Panthers next year? I know he is probably on several team's short list for head coach.

Pat Yasinskas: He's got a good rep around the league and his work this year has only helped his resume. He'll get some interviews. He might have to show he can do it one more year as a coordinator. But I also think there's at least a chance he gets a job this time around.

Clarence (Atlanta): Who do you think have to step up for the Falcons to win in New Orleans?

Pat Yasinskas: I'll go outside the box and say the defense. They've got to come up with a turnover or two and a few stops.

Jason (VA): With the future looking so good for Tampa last year this time what do you think has been the major reason for there down fall this season?

Pat Yasinskas: It might take a book to fully answer that one. But I'll try to summarize. They didn't add anything besides a draft class and a punter and they counted on a whole bunch of guys who might have overachieved last year when they were playing a sked that included the NFC West. Some of those guys took major steps back and coaching hasn't been very good. That's the short answer.

JT (Stafford, VA): When Mularkey leaves, who do you think the Falcons look to for an OC?

Pat Yasinskas: They've got Bratkowski as their QB coach right now. He's been an OC before. I think he'd be the logical choice.

Jason (NC): If Chud does get picked up for a head coaching job who do you think Carolina will pursue to replace him and still keep using CAM to his ability?

Pat Yasinskas: Similar to Atlanta. I think they'd move Mike Shula up from QB coach and keep Chud's offensive scheme in place.

Dylan (Atlanta): I saw the Baker question and it led me to ask is there a real reason to replace Svitek? He appears to be playing good ball to me.

Pat Yasinskas: Very legitimate question. I watch Svitek and think he's at least adequate. But scouts and personnel people say he's not a long-term answer.

JT (Stafford, VA): How long will it take Roddy White to hit twitter after the Falcons win on Monday night?

Pat Yasinskas: If that happens, I think Mike Smith will tell him what he changed the password to and let him back on his Twitter account.

Here’s the complete transcript of Friday’s NFC South chat.