What they're saying about the Bucs

I’ve said all I can say about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at this point and I’ve got a pretty significant Monday night game to get ready for. So let’s take a look at what some other columnists are saying about the Bucs.

  • John Romano has perhaps the best column I’ve read in a while. At very least, it will make you laugh. He cleverly summarizes Tampa Bay’s loss (and season) with new words to Christmas songs. My favorite opens with the words “Geno (Hayes) got run over by a Panther." The rest of the tunes (or the words to the tunes) are pretty good too.

  • The Charlotte Observer’s Tom Sorensen, one of the finest writers I’ve ever worked with, says the Bucs quit against the Panthers. That's a pretty strong accusation. But I trust Tom's instincts. Besides, he's not the first one to suggest this.

  • Mark Cook writes that the Bucs are in serious need of upgrades and that includes players and coaches.

  • Gary Shelton writes that, assuming the Bucs part ways with coach Raheem Morris, prospective coaches might have been scared off by what they saw from the Bucs on Saturday.

  • Perhaps the day’s most accurate statement didn’t come from a writer. It came from Tampa Bay guard Davin Joseph: "You can't say this looks like a team that doesn't want Coach Morris to come back. The way we're going, I'd say this is a team where I'm wondering whether our players are going to come back.''