Time for Bucs, Garcia to move on

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

Jeff Garcia says his relationship with Jon Gruden is not fractured. Sorry, beg to differ.

This thing's broken and the parts are scattered up and down Dale Mabry Highway. The Bucs might as well go ahead and trade Garcia -- if they can get anything for him. Here's an idea: Trade him to the Titans for Chris Simms. Or, seriously, just release him and hand him a check for the $2 million or so he's guaranteed.

As we said yesterday, this is a flat-out benching. It's not about Garcia's sore ankle. This situation has been building for months. You can assign blame to Garcia or Gruden, but it's past the point of arguing -- there are many points that can be made on both sides -- whether the Bucs slighted their quarterback or he slighted the team.

Time for both sides to move on.