Mike Smith: Falcons didn't stop Brees

Although New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton drew some criticism for keeping Drew Brees in the game late in the fourth quarter Monday night, Atlanta coach Mike Smith wasn’t pointing any fingers at the Saints on Tuesday.

If anything, Smith said the Falcons have no one to blame but themselves for allowing Brees to break the NFL record for passing yards in a season in a 45-16 loss to the Saints.

“It’s our job as a defense to stop the offense,’’ Smith said. “It’s the offense’s job to try to gain yards and they’re going to gain yards in whatever way that they think they need to do it and we didn’t get it done. In regards to Drew Brees, it’s a monumental record that he set last night in the ballgame and my hat’s off to Drew for the season that he’s put together to beat Dan Marino’s record. But in terms of when it happened, why it happened in the ballgame, it’s our job as a defense to go out there and stop them. If they’re trying to run it, if they’re trying to throw it, we’ve got to stop them and we didn’t do that last night.”