Film of the NFC South chat

We completed our final NFC South chat of the regular season Friday. I'm sure we'll be chatting more in the postseason, so stay tuned for details on that.

Here are some highlights of Friday's NFC South chat:

Chris (ATL): Safe to say Matt Ryan took a step forward this season?

Pat Yasinskas: A small one, yes. He's going to have best stats of his career. Would have liked to see him be a little more consistent. Also would help if he wins a playoff game.

Bryant (Charlotte, NC): Hey Pat, any rookie that isn't named Cam Newton that has made the biggest impact in the NFC South?

Pat Yasinskas: I'd have to say Julio Jones. Adrian Clayborn in Tampa Bay has had a good first year too.

Carson (Atlanta): Do you feel that Atlanta will/should lose both Coordinators during the offseason? Who is rumored as replacements? I would love to see either Norv Turner or Josh McDaniels replace Mularky. I haven't got an idea about defense because it is a Mike Smith defense scheme. Any thoughts?

Pat Yasinskas: We'll see. Mularkey could end up with head coaching job. If they don't win a playoff game or two, I could see one of the coordinators being the scapegoat. They came into this season with huge expectations. Regular season hasn't gone the way they would have liked, so there could be change.

Kevin (Hamilton): Pat do u think the Saints have a chance to advance to the Super Bowl?

Pat Yasinskas: Yes, definitely have a chance. Obviously, they'll have to go through Green Bay or San Francisco. But I think Saints are capable of beating either on a given day.

Jimmy (Houston, TX): all these people saying Dalton over Cam for ROY are total nuts, Give cam bengals defense he has 12 wins easy, am I wrong?

Pat Yasinskas: You are not wrong at all. Dalton's had a very nice rookie year, no doubt. But Cam has broken just about every rookie record. He'll win ROY easily.

Java (Tampa): Morris gone on Monday? Or do the Glazers take a little time?

Pat Yasinskas: Could be Monday. But Glazers' history has shown they sometimes take a little time.

Daniel (Metairie): If you had to let one go next season, would it be let Colston walk or Carl Nicks?

Pat Yasinskas: Neither. You find a way to keep both. There are some other ways to create cap room. They could cut some guys or restructure some contracts.

Here’s the complete transcript of Friday’s NFC South chat.