Change in the game plan

TAMPA, Fla. – Contrary to my previous post, I’m not up in the air and on the way to San Francisco as anticipated.

My flight was delayed and I would have missed the connection to San Francisco and no other flights going west were available Thursday night. Friday’s options to get out there were very limited and I’ve been dealing with a sinus condition that’s made flying difficult. After consulting with my boss, the decision was made to save my sinuses from an accelerated cross-country flight.

I’ll cover Saturday’s playoff game between the 49ers and Saints from home. It will be business as usual. I’ll get you inactives before the game and will take part in the Countdown Live chat throughout the game. After the game, I’ll wrap it up from a Saintsperspective. NFC West colleague Mike Sando will be in San Francisco and we’ll be conversing back and forth.

Friday will be a pretty regular day. We’ll get you any last-minute injury reports. We’ll also do the weekly NFC South chat, but the time on that has been changed to 4 p.m. ET. We had made that schedule change when it looked like I was headed to San Francisco.