Payton endorses Kromer for Rams' job

New Orleans coach Sean Payton confirmed reports Thursday that offensive line coach Aaron Kromer will interview for the job as head coach of the St. Louis Rams. Payton gave Kromer a ringing endorsement.

“He’s been a huge asset to us,’’ Payton said. “He came initially as a running backs coach and then moved to the offensive line, handles our run game and is a real good talent. Again, he’s a big reason for our success offensively. These types of things come with the success we’re having. We talked about Curtis (Johnson going to Tulane) already and going back to Doug Marrone (leaving for Syracuse). Those opportunities I think are good ones.”

Although Kromer has never been a coordinator, Payton said he has no doubt he could handle the leap to becoming a head coach.

“In our league, it’s a very small circle,’’ Payton said. “I think people know the talents prior to beginning a job search and what they’re looking for. He’s been a good addition for us.”