Film of the NFC South chat

We held our Friday NFC South chat, and it was about as lively as any session we had during the regular season. Can’t say that’s surprising, because NFC South fans tend to be a loyal and dedicated bunch.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights:

Zion (New Orleans, La): With a new DC in Spags coming in, i'm sure we will see a new look with new faces. Do you see Porter and Harper fitting into Spags scheme?

Pat Yasinskas: My guess is Porter will be allowed to walk. Harper's contract means they almost have to keep him. They may have to adjust his role to make things work in that defense. Spags generally relies on safeties to cover and make plays. Coverage isn't exactly Roman's strength. They may have to get a little flexible with him.

Tay: (Atlanta, GA) [via mobile]: Pat I'm a die hard falcons fan, but I'm beginning to wonder if Matt Ryan is just another Tony Romo. He looks amazing in the regular season, but cracks under pressure... Maybe we should start looking for his replacement in case the upcoming season is also a failure.

Pat Yasinskas: You might be a tad early on pulling the plug on Matt. Let's give him the upcoming season with a new coordinator before making any final calls on him.

Chris (ATL): Dirk Koetter...We should give the guy a chance. It's not like he's trying to rip apart the offense and rebuild it to be ranked dead last. It seems his goal is to use the pieces already in place, keep the things the offense does well, and add in some elements that werent there like more vertical passing, screen plays....maybe some draws and misdirection to offset some pressure. The offense just needs some minor tweaks and he could be the guy to do it.

Pat Yasinskas: Agreed. I think Koetter is a much better coach than a lot of Atlanta fans are giving him credit for. He's got a ton more to work with than he had in Jacksonville.

Justin (Orlando): Why didnt the Bucs look at Mike McCoy? Are the Dolphins going to hire him?

Pat Yasinskas: I don't know the answer to that. But I would have looked at him. I covered Mike from the day he was hired as a quality control guy in Carolina. I've always thought he's had "Future head coach" written all over him. I think he's got a real good shot in Miami, so maybe the "future" part comes off of him.

Cody (Columbia): What do you think are Armanti Edwards' chances of making the Panthers' roster again next year? With David Gettis coming back and Edwards' inability to make a difference as a punt returner, it seems like it'd be difficult to find a spot for him again.

Pat Yasinskas: Armanti would have to come to training camp and show some pretty major improvement.

Richard F. (Chicago): They say it's a quarterback driven league but at the same time it's also a general manager driven league, so I was a little surprised that Mark Dominik survived the Buc's housecleaning. Do you think it was a good idea retaining Dominik?

Pat Yasinskas: Yeah, I do. First off Dominik's contract situation was different than Raheem's. He has three years remaining on his deal. Secondly, Glazers know what was going on in their building better than we do. There were reasons why they decided to stick with the GM and not the coach.

Corey (D.C.): Pat, if Meachem leaves New Orleans, do you think Arrington plays a larger role? Are they high on him at all?

Pat Yasinskas: Look at history of Saints. It sometimes takes several years for draft picks to really make impact. Meachem is an example of that. I think they like Arrington to some degree and he's a guy who was held back by injuries somewhat early in his career. One thing they like (and Brees likes) is continuity in the WR group. So, if Meachem does leave, I think that improves Arrington's stock.

Matt Riddle (Atlanta, Ga): Do you think there's any logic in trading Roddy White?

Pat Yasinskas: If you can get good value, yes, some logic. Roddy's also getting to an age where he could decline. The number of drops this season have to be a concern. And Julio's waiting in the wings to be a No. 1 WR. They could get another No. 2 pretty easily. But, that said, you don't just give a guy like Roddy away.

Trey (Charlotte, NC): Pat, after drafting Cam Newton, is Marty Hurney’s job secure for the next couple of years?

Pat Yasinskas: I think so. Newton was definitely a home run for him. Plus, you have to understand how Marty is viewed by the owner. Basically, when Richardson fired his two sons, he started looking at Hurney and Danny Morrison almost as two sons. Richardson thinks the world of Hurney.

Here's the complete transcript of Friday's NFC South chat.