At last, details of Reggie Bush trade

For months, Saints fans have been asking for full details on last summer’s trade of Reggie Bush to the Miami Dolphins.

For the longest time, those details seemed to be one of the league’s best secrets. We knew the Dolphins got Bush and the Saints got safety Jonathan Amaya, but that’s all we knew for sure.

But it looks like we finally have an answer. The Saints still haven’t said anything official. But Miami general manager Jeff Ireland finally filled in the blanks on the draft-pick compensation part of the deal Monday during a break in Senior Bowl practices.

Brace yourself, New Orleans fans. You’re not going to be jumping up and down about this one because your team is not gaining much. The Saints will move up either 18 or 19 picks in the sixth round of the draft.

Ireland confirmed that in addition to the trade of Bush for Amaya, the only other item in the deal is that the two teams swapped sixth-round picks.

The Dolphins will holed either the eighth or ninth pick in each round. The exact spot will be determined by a coin flip with the Carolina Panthers at the scouting combine in February.

So the Saints will receive either the eighth or ninth pick of the sixth round. But the Saints also have to send their own sixth-round pick to Miami. That’s the 27th pick of the sixth round.