Reflecting on jumps from college to NFL

With Greg Schiano leaving Rutgers to take over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it naturally brings to mind other college coaches who have gone to the NFL.

The general rule of thumb, at least in recent years, is most of those guys don’t have a lot of success. But San Francisco’s Jim Harbaugh kind of broke that rule in 2011.

With some help from ESPN Stats & Information, let’s take a look at some notable coaches who have jumped from college to the NFL and their records in their first pro year:

  • 2011 Jim Harbaugh, 49ers, 13-3

  • 2010-11 Pete Carroll, Seahawks, (Carroll previously was an NFL head coach twice)

  • 2007 Bobby Petrino, Falcons, 3-10

  • 2005-06 Nick Saban, Dolphins, 15-17

  • 2002-03 Steve Spurrier, Redskins, 12-20

  • 2001-04 Butch Davis, Browns, 24-34

  • 1999-2001 Mike Riley, Chargers, 14-34