UNC pay could be stalling Butch Davis deal

Although there have been reports that Butch Davis will join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a senior advisor, that is not yet a done deal.

Stephen Holder has a good explanation about why things could be hung up. Remember, from the day Greg Schiano was hired to coach the Bucs, there was speculation he would hire Davis as his defensive coordinator.

But Schiano has interviewed others for the defensive coordinator job. But the current reports say, if Davis comes, it will be in an advisory role. As Holder points out, that might be in large part because Davis doesn’t want to do anything that would prevent him from collecting future payments as part of his severance package from the University of North Carolina.

If Davis takes a coaching job, it could reduce or eliminate payments from North Carolina. An advisory role might allow him to continue collecting those payments.

But it’s unclear if North Carolina would view an advisory role as a way of Davis circumventing his agreement with the university. It’s very possible that Davis is trying to get some clarification from North Carolina on if the university would attempt to stop paying him if he takes an advisory role.

The other thing that’s a little strange about all this is that Davis, who already has received some of his severance, can still collect up to $1.7 million through 2015. Why not just come to the Bucs as a coordinator? He could make that kind of money in a single season, and more than that in the long run, because $1.7 million is well within the ballpark of what good coordinators make.