Butch Davis' role will evolve in time

TAMPA, Fla. -- If Butch Davis didn’t sound very precise on what his duties will entail as a special assistant to Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano, that’s only because his job isn’t clear yet.

It’s a work in progress, something Davis and Schiano will figure out as they move forward. What is clear is that Davis will not be considered a coach, and he said he won’t be doing on-field coaching or sitting in meeting rooms with players. He said he’ll be more than willing to give advice to players if they ask, but his main role will be providing advice and support for Schiano and general manager Mark Dominik.

“Greg felt like and I felt like there were a lot of things I could help him with just within the organization in a vast array of different ways, from personnel to combines to the draft, all the different kinds of things,’’ Davis said Thursday. “There are so many hats that Greg’s going to have to wear, and responsibilities, that anything he feels like he would like for me to help him do, that’s kind of the role I’m going to have. And that goes throughout the entire organization, too. It’s an opportunity to work with Mark, who I have a great deal of respect for.’’

What is clear is that the Buccaneers made a good move in getting Davis in their building. He’s a former NFL head coach (with the Cleveland Browns) and worked as a defensive line coach and defensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys in the Jimmy Johnson years.

That gives him far more experience than Schiano, who has spent most of his career coaching on the college level, aside from three years as an assistant with the Chicago Bears. Given the fact that one of the knocks on former coach Raheem Morris and his staff was a lack of organization, Davis should provide some insurance that the same thing doesn’t happen with Schiano’s staff.

“We’re still putting thoughts together as to all the ways that I can help,’’ said Davis, who also served as a head coach at the University of Miami (where Schiano was on his staff) and at the University of North Carolina.

In essence, Davis expects to be an extra set of eyes and ears for Schiano and Dominik.

“There are so many things within an organization that need attention to detail, and one person can’t do it all,’’ Davis said. “Any way that I can help Greg or Mark, that’s what I want to do.’’

Davis said he plans to attend next week’s scouting combine in Indianapolis and will be in the room when the Buccaneers do their interviews with draft prospects. He’ll also play a role in assessing the team’s current personnel.

Davis said he worked in a similar role with the Kansas City Chiefs after he was fired in Cleveland and had some opportunities with other teams this year to act as an advisor or special assistant. Davis said he expects to be in the press box with assistant coaches on game days this fall.

Schiano still is in the process of filling out his coaching staff and the parameters of Davis’ job will evolve in the coming months. But Davis said one thing is certain.

“I’m committed to trying to help this team win a Super Bowl as soon as possible,’’ Davis said.