Around the NFC South

A look at the top Sunday headlines from around the NFC South.

Jeff Duncan has a good overview of the contract negotiations between the Saints and Drew Brees. Although both sides say they want a deal, it has yet to happen. I wouldn’t worry too much about this because it’s almost certain a deal will get done before Brees can become a free agent. But Duncan brings up a good point when he says that Brees probably won’t take a hometown discount. The quarterback is as competitive as they come and he’s likely to want full-market value. He also deserves it.

Carolina linebackers Jon Beason and Thomas Davis, who each missed most of last season with injuries, are working hard on their comebacks. There’s not much doubt Beason will be back. But Davis is coming off his third torn ACL and has a big contract. Davis is confident something can be worked out on the contract situation and that he’ll be physically ready to play again.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers reportedly have hired Bob Bostad as offensive line coach. Bostad recently had been hired as offensive coordinator at the University of Pittsburgh. He’s the third coach the Buccaneers were able to lure away from a college job before ever really starting it. Defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan left Ohio State before ever coaching a game. Receivers coach P.J. Fleck also left North Illinois.

Jeff Schultz ranks the pro sports franchises and various college sports programs in Georgia and Atlanta. He has the Falcons No. 2, behind the Braves. Part of me wanted to argue that, especially when you take into consideration the fact the Braves lost 20 of their final 30 games last season. But the Falcons have shown a recent history of making very quick exits from the playoffs, so you can’t put up a very strong case for them.