Roddy White has gone silent

We have officially entered what might be the quietest time of the NFL year.

The best way to gauge that is by looking at Roddy White’s verified Twitter account. The Atlanta wide receiver has been silent for a full week. That doesn’t happen often.

Whether on Twitter or in interviews, White is one of the most quotable players in the NFC South. He can be entertaining and playful. He also can offend people because he’s not afraid to say what’s on his mind.

The most recent example of that came a week ago when White tweeted that Roger Goodell is paid too much and pointed out that the NFL commissioner doesn’t block, tackle or catch passes.

That set off a bit of a firestorm among media and fans, and White stood by his statements on his Twitter account. But White has gone silent since then.

Maybe White is just taking a vacation. Or maybe Atlanta coach Mike Smith finally got his wish and White is staying away from Twitter.

Stay tuned on this one.