Saints prepared to franchise Drew Brees

In this audio clip with Herm Edwards filling in for Mike Golic, he and Mike Greenberg talk about the Drew Brees contract situation.

Like just about everyone else, Edwards and Greenberg are stunned that Brees and the New Orleans Saints don’t have a deal already. They reportedly remain far apart and the Saints are prepared to use the franchise tag on Brees if a deal isn’t reached by Monday.

If it comes to the franchise tag on Brees, that’s pretty much a disaster for the Saints. Brees isn’t going to be happy if he doesn’t have a long-term deal and the last thing the Saints want is an unhappy Brees.

On top of that, franchising Brees means the Saints won’t have the tag available to use on guard Carl Nicks and receiver Marques Colston. Without the tag available and with Brees taking up more than $14 million in cap space, it will be pretty much impossible for the Saints to keep Nicks and Colston.

This is approaching crisis stage. The Saints are on the verge of losing Colston and Nicks and they’ll probably need to cut several other prominent players to stay under the salary cap. The Saints will be able to keep Brees, one way or another, but it’s looking like their roster won’t be nearly the same.

Those changes won’t be for the better.