Kyle Turley hits Drew Brees again

We told you Monday how former NFL offensive lineman Kyle Turley called out New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees.

Well, another day and another Turley rant against Brees. This one came Tuesday on a Nashville radio station WGFX and thanks to AFC South colleague Paul Kuharsky for passing it along. I strongly suggest you listen to the interview in its entirety because it’s lengthy.

Meantime, let’s just run through some of the highlights of Turley elaborating on his initial remarks from Monday.

“People don’t like to see those things, I guess,’’ Turley said of the “bounty program’’ the NFL said the Saints ran for the last three seasons. “People don’t like to see when people I guess call out certain things they might not want to see. But the reality is the reality. I just merely suggested if all of these people in the Saints knew that potentially Drew Brees knew. If Drew Brees knew about that, then there’s a bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger, bigger problem.’’

Turley pointed to Brees’ role as an executive member of the NFL Players Association, which negotiated a new labor deal last summer that included provisions for additional player safety. Turley went on to clarify what that “bigger problem’’ would be.

“That is that guys like Drew who hold high executive positions in the union are continuing to not address the real issues going on in the game of football,’’ Turley said.

Turley said it’s part of Brees’ ethical responsibility to help promote player safety and said he was bothered by some fans saying his initial comments were a personal attack on Brees.

“People just don’t get it,’’ Turley said. “They don’t understand. All I want to know is if Drew knew. That’s all I suggested. If all these people around the team and the Saints knew about all this, if the coaches knew, the general manager knew, the head coach knew, the owner knew, then I’m pretty sure Drew Brees knew. If a guy like Drew Brees knew, there needs to be accountability held.’’

Turley said there’s an easy way to get to the bottom of the situation.

“If he didn’t know, then he should say he didn’t know and he should say he didn’t know immediately,’’ Turley said.