Richardson's competition committee spot filled

Posted by ESPN.com's Pat Yasinskas

Since his abrupt and bizarre resignation as team president of the Carolina Panthers just before the start of the season, we've known Mark Richardson would not be staying on the NFL's prestigious competition committee.

It was announced Thursday that Stephen Jones of the Dallas Cowboys will fill Richardson's spot. Kind of ironic because Jones is similar to Richardson in a lot of ways. They're both the sons of team owners -- Jerry Richardson owns the Panthers and Jerry Jones owns the Cowboys -- and they both have paid their dues.

This is a coup for Stephen Jones and for the Cowboys. (Gee, think he might have some pull when it comes time to talk more about raising up that scoreboard for punters?) It's also sad for Carolina. Jerry Richardson viewed it as a victory and a point of pride when his son first was named to the competition committee and it was supposed to be another step toward Mark Richardson being the eventual owner.

But that all fell apart when Mark Richardson resigned and brother Jon Richardson did the same with his role of running Bank of America Stadium. That clearly closed a chapter for the Panthers. Still not sure exactly what was behind all of that, but I've heard all the same rumors you have. My guess is we never truly will know because the only three that know the full story are the three Richardsons and they're not talking about it.