Decision on Saints could come soon

The NFL isn’t going to delay disciplining the New Orleans Saints for their bounty program to allow the NFL Players Association to conduct its own investigation.

The league, which already conducted its own investigation, reportedly told the union that it’s not going to wait to take action against the Saints (and probably some parties no longer with the team). The league also told the NFLPA that it will not facilitate the union’s investigation. In other words, the league won’t require parties that may be involved to talk to union investigators.

The league maintains that commissioner Roger Goodell has sole authority to investigate and impose discipline in such matters.

What this means is we’re probably going to hear an NFL announcement on discipline very soon. It could come as early as Friday or it could come next week. Early reports had said the punishments would be handed out before the NFL owners meeting, which starts March 26. It sounds like that is still the NFL’s plan.

In the initial announcement of the findings of its investigation the league said the Saints could face fines, suspensions and the loss of draft picks.