Josh Freeman eager for action

Tampa Bay quarterback Josh Freeman led his team through offseason workouts during the lockout last year. That involved arranging for the use of practice fields, setting the schedule and keeping his teammates informed.

Freeman won’t have to do all that this offseason. He simply will be able to concentrate on football.

In this radio interview, Freeman sounded like a quarterback who is more than a little eager to get on the practice field. He even expressed a bit of disappointment that new rules have shortened the offseason program and pushed its start back until the middle of April.

“It’s kind of an interesting predicament with the new CBA,’’ Freeman said. “We’re not allowed to really meet with our coaches until April 16. But we’re allowed to go in and start hitting the weights and things of that nature on April 2.’’

The Bucs have a new coach in Greg Schiano and a new offensive coordinator in Mike Sullivan. Freeman already has done some scouting on Sullivan and the offense he was involved in previously as an assistant with the New York Giants.

“I had the opportunity to talk to Eli Manning and ask him a little about coach Sullivan and a little about the offense,’’ Freeman said. “At the end of the day, football is football.’’

Freeman said he looks forward to getting to work in the new offense. He also is excited about the arrival of Tampa Bay’s two big free-agent signings on offense: receiver Vincent Jackson and Carl Nicks.

“I remember going in for the press conference,’’ Freeman said. “Both guys were in the building, just having that feel like it was Christmas, like you just got some new toys and you couldn’t wait to go out and play with them.’’