Tracy Porter: There were no bounties

Former New Orleans cornerback Tracy Porter met with the Denver media Friday, shortly after officially signing his contract with the Broncos.

As you might expect, Porter was asked about the bounty program the Saints were severely punished for running the past three seasons. Porter denied there were bounties, then quickly tried to move away from the topic and onto his new start in Denver.

“It’s something that the league felt they had evidence on,’’ Porter said. “The thing that I will say about it is that the whole label of bounties is absurd. There was definitely no bounty on any player out there in the game. We were just playing football. For that term to come up, bounty, I definitely think it is a bit harsh. But, the league investigated, and they felt that they made the right decision, and who am I to come and say that they didn’t make the right decision in issuing out the consequences for what they investigated. That’s something that’s been put in the past, and now I’m looking to begin my career here with the Denver Broncos and help this club get back to New Orleans (site of this season’s Super Bowl) so we can win a championship.”

And for those still looking for the alleged “snitch’’, scratch Porter from your list of possible suspects. He said the NFL never interviewed him about the bounty system.

“The league held their own investigation,’’ Porter said. “I don’t know if they brought it to any players or not, but I was not one of them. The only thing that I can do is focus on free agency and moving on to get in the best situation for myself. I did that by coming to Denver.”