Bucs support Goodell's decisions

PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Atlanta’s Arthur Blank isn’t the only NFC South team owner supporting commissioner Roger Goodell’s decision to hit the New Orleans Saints with harsh penalties for their three-year bounty program.

Blank weighed in on the topic earlier Tuesday. Tampa Bay Buccaneers co-chairman Joel Glazer echoed some of Blank’s sentiments later Tuesday evening.

“Player safety and the integrity of the game are paramount,’’ Glazer said. “That’s what our fans expect of the NFL and from Day One, the commissioner has made that a priority of his -- player safety and the integrity of the National Football League. I think everybody agrees there’s no place for that in the National Football League. I think the commissioner’s actions were necessary for many reasons and I think everyone supports the commissioner and his decision-making process. You never want to see that type of thing happen. It was an important step to get that out of the game.’’

For the record, New Orleans owner Tom Benson has not publicly addressed the media on the issue. Carolina owner Jerry Richardson politely said he didn’t wish to discuss the situation publicly.