Falcons would fit on 'Hard Knocks'

We could see an NFC South team on HBO’s “Hard Knocks’’ this summer.

Rich Cimini reports the Atlanta Falcons have emerged as a strong candidate to be featured on the show, which chronicles a team throughout training camp.

This topic seems to come up about every team in the division every year and I’m not always a big advocate of teams opening up everything to the camera crews. I don’t think the Carolina Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are at a point in their development where they could easily handle the increased pressure that comes with being on the show. I don’t get the sense the New Orleans Saints will be in the mood to let anyone with a camera (or a tape recorder) behind the scenes any time soon.

But I could see the Falcons being a perfect fit for “Hard Knocks." They’re a veteran team without a lot of drama, as long as Roddy White doesn’t decide to show off his Twitter skills for the cameras. The Falcons also have a nice storyline. They’re a team that’s had four straight winning seasons, but they haven’t yet won a playoff game with quarterback Matt Ryan, coach Mike Smith and Thomas Dimitroff, and it’s pretty well known that Atlanta’s goal is to take the next step.

I also think appearing on the show makes sense for the Falcons from a marketing standpoint. This is a team that doesn’t have a high national profile. Heck, even in Georgia it’s only been in recent years that the Falcons really have caught on, and they still are overshadowed at times by the University of Georgia, Georgia Tech and baseball’s Braves.

This would be a chance for the Falcons to really allow people to get to know them. They’re a likeable team with nothing to hide. This might be the right time for the Falcons to open their doors and let the nation in their locker room.