Report: Bucs shopping Aqib Talib

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been attempting to shop troubled cornerback Aqib Talib for a trade, Scott Reynolds reports.

On some levels, such a move makes sense. Talib is a talented cornerback and the Bucs would like to add some extra picks in this year’s draft. They currently have a pick in each round except for the fourth. Talib has had a series of off-field problems throughout his career and new coach Greg Schiano already has made it clear he won’t be as tolerant of problems as predecessor Raheem Morris. Schiano already released safety Tanard Jackson, who also had some off-field problems.

But there’s one big catch here that could make trading Talib difficult, maybe even impossible. Talib is facing a June trial on an assault charge in Texas. He could face prison time. Even if he’s cleared, Talib could face a suspension from the NFL.

It’s difficult to imagine any team being willing to give up a draft pick for a player that might not be available to play for part, or all, of this season.