Blogger Mock Draft Live on Monday

The ESPN.com Blog Network will be doing something a bit different this year. We’re going to hold our Blogger Mock Draft Live on Monday, starting at 1 p.m.

Each of the eight bloggers will make the picks for the teams in their division. We’re only doing the first round, so I’ll be in a unique situation because the Buccaneers and Panthers are the only division teams with first-round picks.

At No. 5, I’ve got a couple of guys I’m considering for the Bucs. Heck, I’ll share them with you right now because I think everyone is looking at these two guys for the Bucs -- LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne and Alabama running back Trent Richardson. But I’ve got a hunch that decision could be made by the guys in front of me, mainly by Kevin Seifert who will be picking for the Vikings at No. 3 and Jamison Hensley who will make Cleveland’s pick at No. 4. I’ve also got a backup plan in case somehow Richardson and Claiborne are off the board at No. 5, but I’ll save that for Monday -- if needed.

I’m trying to keep all my options open for Carolina’s pick at No. 9. That’s mainly because what I end up doing will depend on what happens with the eight picks in front of me. But I will tell you I see scenarios where I could go with a defensive tackle, defensive end, linebacker, receiver or offensive tackle.

The best thing about this draft is that it will be interactive. You’ll be able to chat with all of us before and after we make our picks. You also will be able to follow the Twitter feed (#ESPNbloggermock).