Film of the NFC South chat

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from Friday’s NFC South chat.

Ryan (Charlotte): Regression or Progression. Which will be the theme for Cam Newton next year.

Pat Yasinskas: I see progress. He's got a full offseason with the coaches and the play book this time around.

Chris (taylor): Saw you just made the article about the lawsuit. Article 43 section 1 states that per agreement, Vilma can only take grievance with the NFl, not the legal system. Do you think that the case will be thrown out?

Pat Yasinskas: Again, I'm no legal expert. But Munson is our legal expert and he said he believes there is a good chance it will get dismissed.

Bryant (Virginia): what are the bucs expecting to get out of McCoy/Price? Do you expect them to have big years?

Pat Yasinskas: They both have flashed promise when they've been healthy. But there's no denying this will be a crucial season for McCoy. He needs to stay healthy and start reaching his potential.

RossMcR (Glasgow, Scotland): Pat, I am not too concerned about the Brees lack of talks with Saints at this point however I do expect them to ramp up now! When do you expect this to get resolved??

Pat Yasinskas: Deadline to sign franchise players to long-term deals is July 16. I'm guessing it will play out pretty close to the deadline.

Kris (One Buc, FL): Who do you see having a better year? Freeman or Matt Ryan?

Pat Yasinskas: Hmmm, I'll say Ryan. I think Freeman will be much better than last year. But I think Ryan might really take a big step up in their new offense.

Brian (Baton Rouge): Much has been made of the Saints' "lack of depth" at DE this offseason. I think both Junior Gallette and Greg Romeus have a chance to blossom under Spags' guidance. Your thoughts?

Pat Yasinskas: Yeah, bringing up Romeus is a good point. He's supposed to be healthy and I think he could be a player. Gallette definitely has some raw talent and could be helped by Spags.

Tony (Richmond, CA): Will Mike Smith & Matt Ryan get over the hump this year and finally win a playoff game? If not, do questions begin swirling around the coach and his ability to take Atlanta to the next level?

Pat Yasinskas: Yeah, I think it's pretty obvious this is a crucial year for Smith. He needs to win a playoff game. Not saying he'll be fired if he doesn't, but the pressure is definitely on.

Scott (maine): when its all said and done who do you see playing oline for falcons?

Pat Yasinskas: I say Hawley at center with Konz and Blalock at guards. Clabo at RT. And this probably isn't what you want to hear ...but Baker at LT. I think they're serious about sticking with him -- for better or worse.

Here’s the complete transcript of the NFC South chat.