Brees wants to lead Saints to Super Bowl

Last week, Drew Brees caused a bit of a stir when he said he was frustrated by the lack of progress in his contract talks with the New Orleans Saints.

It doesn’t sound like anything new has happened in the negotiations, but Brees didn’t sound as irritated in this interview with XX 1090 Sports Radio in San Diego.

“I understand that in the NFL, certainly after going through those negotiations last year during the lockout and the CBA negotiations, that certainly there is a business element to all of this that we all have to go through from time-to-time,’’ Brees said. “It’s not the fun part cause in the end we love this game. We love playing football. We love the interaction with the fans. We love what this game means to so many people. As quickly as we can all get back on the field and start playing ball again the better.”

Brees said that once a long-term contract is worked out he’ll have no hard feelings and plans on business as usual.

“I’ve got plenty of personal goals and team goals and that’s all I think about,’’ Brees said. “I think about when I step back into the locker room, back on the field, how can we bring this team together and go accomplish something great? You can’t take things personal in this business just because otherwise it eats you up. You gotta take on that mindset there is going to be moments like this, but in the end it is about getting in that locker room with your teammates and getting on the field and having a chance to win a championship because that is why we all play this game. There is no feeling like holding that Vince Lombardi Trophy or having the chance to accomplish something like that. Those are the things you remember when you look back on this game. Those moments.”