Around the rest of the NFC South

METAIRIE, La. -- The New Orleans Saints are scheduled to have another minicamp session in just about an hour (the team already has said this practice will be held indoors and won’t be open to the public). Before I head off to practice, let’s take a quick look at some other headlines from around the NFC South.

  • Atlanta’s Julio Jones has gotten rid of his dreadlocks, but he’s still making big plays at wide receiver.

  • Nice touch by the Bucs to have former teammates Derrick Brooks and Mike Alstott, and former coach Tony Dungy present at the news conference to announce Paul Gruber’s selection to the team’s Ring of Honor. All three of them will join the Ring of Honor someday. Alstott left the team on good terms, but the same can’t be said for Brooks, who was released, and Dungy, who was fired. I think Dungy and the Bucs are back on good terms, and Brooks’ presence Wednesday was another sign that his relationship with the team is thawing. Too bad the same can’t be said right now about former quarterback Doug Williams. There’s no doubt he deserves the honor, but I don’t think it will happen until both sides swallow their pride a little bit and that might take some more time.

  • The Bucs have stayed quiet on the whereabouts of Brian Price since the defensive tackle lost his sister in a car accident a few weeks ago. But The Tampa Bay Times reports Price has been working out privately with a California trainer. It’s still unclear if Price will attend next week’s mandatory minicamp. Given Price’s situation, I’d leave the decision up to him. If he’s emotionally ready to be back in a regular routine, fine. If not, give him time to grieve. As much as coaches like to think offseason workouts are important, Price has more important things to handle right now. As long as he’s ready for training camp, everything should be fine.

  • Sorry, there's no fresh news on the Carolina Panthers. But I'm scheduled to be at their minicamp next week, so there will be lots on the Panthers coming.