Warren Sapp wants to help Gerald McCoy

Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Warren Sapp has been the subject of a lot of negative attention recently, but here’s something positive.

In this radio interview, Sapp said he wants to spend some time working with current Tampa Bay defensive tackle Gerald McCoy before the season starts.

"When I come back from L.A., me and him are going to get on the field," Sapp said. "I want to see what he's thinking, you know? Get the mind right and a couple little tips here and there. This ain't rocket science, I'm not going to give him the formulas to become the next tyrant on the field. I promise you, you'll see a much more improved and much more complete player on the field this year.’’

Lots of people have lots of impressions of Sapp and you can say whatever you want about him. But I’ve spent a fair amount of time around Sapp and one thing I can tell you is he’s a smart guy, especially on the football field. If he can impart just a bit of his wisdom, I’m sure it will make McCoy a better player.

McCoy was the third overall draft pick three years ago. He’s had a few moments where he’s flashed some promise. But he hasn’t lived up to his potential, mostly because of injuries. Like I said, Sapp’s a smart guy, but I don’t know that he’s got a cure for McCoy’s injury woes.