Good perspective on Drew Brees situation

There were a few reports last week the New Orleans Saints and quarterback Drew Brees were close to finalizing a long-term contract.

To date, there’s been no announcement of a deal, so it appears those reports were premature. I’ve said before that I expect this thing to drag into July.

Colleague Andrew Brandt, who knows much more about contract negotiations than I do, has a similar opinion. In this detailed column about the Brees contract situation, Brandt writes that he expects things to go down to the wire.

“Deadlines spur action, and the deadline in this case, due to tag requirements, is July 16,’’ Brandt wrote. “I expect the deal to be done between July 10-15 with a $20 million APY, between $50 million and $52 million guaranteed and $60 million to $62 million over the first three years.’’

I encourage you to read Brandt’s column. Brandt once negotiated Brett Favre’s contract for the Green Bay Packers. He lays out what he thinks are the likely arguing points being made by New Orleans general manager Mickey Loomis and Brees’ agent, Tom Condon, and also points to three recent quarterback contracts that probably are factoring into the negotiations.

Oh, one other reason why I think this drags into July -- Brees and the NFL Players Association have asked for a ruling on whether his current franchise tag counts as his first. Brees also carried the franchise tag when he was in San Diego. But that was long before the new labor agreement was signed last summer. That ruling isn't expected to come until late June. As a member of the NFLPA's executive committee, Brees would be doing other players a favor by getting a ruling on this issue.