Horton: Sproles NFC's most versatile

Check out this Insider pieceInsider in which Gary Horton ranks the most versatile players in the NFC.

He includes two NFC South players and one of them is No. 1 on the list. That’s New Orleans’ Darren Sproles.

That’s not surprising at all. Sproles might be the most versatile player in the entire NFL. He plays running back, wide receiver and is a return man on special teams. Sproles set an NFL record for all-purpose yards last season and I’ve got a hunch the Saints will have a few more ideas on how to use him in 2012.

Horton also lists Carolina fullback Mike Tolbert at No. 8. No argument here. Although the Panthers are listing Tolbert as a fullback, he plans to be much more than just a traditional blocker. Tolbert made it sound like the Panthers plan to also use him as a ball carrier and receiver. He also has a strong history on special teams and we all know the Panthers need all the help they can get on special teams.