John Abraham wants a Super Bowl

John Abraham is 34 and has been playing in the NFL since 2000. He’s been selected to four Pro Bowls and has more than 100 career sacks.

But when I sat down with the Falcons defensive end during a training camp visit in late July, it was Abraham who pointed out there’s something missing from his résumé. That’s a Super Bowl championship.

“Personally, it would probably be the cap to my career,’’ Abraham said. “I’ve been to Pro Bowls and I’ve been All-Pro and that’s nice and all. A lot of people say they don’t care that they didn’t win a Super Bowl. I think there’s something wrong with them. You at least want to taste that one time before your career is over.’’

Although the Falcons have had four straight winning seasons, they haven’t won a playoff game in that span. Still, Abraham believes the Falcons are ready to go deep into the playoffs. He was a free agent in the offseason, but decided to re-sign with Atlanta because he believed the Falcons gave him the best chance of reaching his Super Bowl goal.

“I had other teams I could have gone to,’’ Abraham said. “But I just felt like this was the best place for me to have a chance to get to that goal. We always have a good opportunity. We just need to get through that first round. We make it [through] that first round, I think it can be smooth sailing. But we’ve got to get over that hump first.’’