NFC South in the top 200

I highly recommend that you read this Insider post in which Matt Williamson ranks the top 200 players in the NFL.

We’ve seen a lot of lists from a lot of media outlets this offseason, and I’d say Williamson’s is as accurate as any of them. He includes 25 NFC South players, but they’re a little light at the top. Eleven division players made his top 100, while 14 were in the second hundred.

It probably won’t come as any surprise that New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees is the top-rated player in the division. But there’s still plenty of room to argue about Brees, who comes in at No. 3 on the overall list.

I’ll let you check for yourself to see where Williamson has the rest of the NFC South players rated. I think his list is solid overall, but I also think a few NFC South players were overlooked.

I just looked back at the list I did of the top 25 NFC South players I did this summer. Most of those guys are on Williamson’s list, and he even includes a few I didn’t (mostly older guys that I suspect might be on the decline). But Williamson also left off several guys that were in my top 25 -- Jabari Greer, DeAngelo Williams, Curtis Lofton, Malcolm Jenkins, Josh Freeman, Michael Turner and Adrian Clayborn.

For the record, Williamson didn’t include any rookies. I didn’t include rookies in the NFC South top 25, but I think Tampa Bay’s Mark Barron, Doug Martin, Lavonte David, and Carolina’s Luke Kuechly each have a chance to be impact players right from the start.