Reviewing film of the NFC South chat

Before I start getting ready to head out to Raymond James Stadium for the preseason game between the Buccaneers and Patriots, let’s take a team-by-team look at the highlights from Friday’s NFC South chat.


Tony (Richmond, CA): How much productivity does Michael Turner have left in the tank to give the Falcons?

Pat Yasinskas: He's not washed up. He's just not going to get 300 carries. I think he'll still get somewhere around 250 carries and be an important part of the offense.

Chris (Missouri): Who appears to have the inside track on winning the Falcons left tackle job?

Pat Yasinskas: It's Baker's job. Not even a competition. Only way that changes is if he gets hurt or starts the season off really badly.

rick (Atlanta): Do you see Atlanta picking up a backup for Baker...? If so, who is out there?

Pat Yasinskas: Nobody out there right now. But could be some guys available when rosters get trimmed. Think Falcons want to see Holmes in the final two preseason games and decide if he's ready to be the backup or if they need a little insurance.


Q Dove (greensboro nc) [via mobile]: I see that every team in the nfc south beside the panthers has had a practice with another team (new england) are we going to have a joint practice with anyone?

Pat Yasinskas: Nothing scheduled this year. Thinking back on Fox and Seifert days, I can't remember them doing it then either. Not sure on the Capers era. Don't know that Rivera and Hurney are big proponents of that concept. (Update: After I answered this, I did remember the Panthers once hosted the Detroit Lions for a joint practice. It was a long time ago. Pretty sure Barry Sanders still was with the Lions).

Andy (NC): Will Gary Barnidge be able to match the production that shockey had last year, or does it get shifted more to Olsen?

Pat Yasinskas: I don't think Barnidge will quite match Shockey's numbers. I do think Barnidge brings some positives, but I think it's more a case of Olsen's numbers rising.

Andy (NC): If the Panthers have another great offensive seaon (top 5), will Richardson & Hurney be able to hold on to coach Chud, or would it cost too much considering the head coaching offers he is likely to recieve?

Pat Yasinskas: If they have another good season on offense, Chudzinski definitely will be a head coach somewhere next season.


Matt(tupelo) [via mobile]: What do you think about the saints defense? I'm amazed how people tear up lofton I think he was a great signing.

Pat Yasinskas: People are criticizing the Lofton signing? I haven't seen that. I think that might have been best move Saints made in the offseason. Think he's a very solid LB, who will be playing with a chip on his shoulder this year.

Robert (Wilmington): What happens when Kromer wants something done and the DC or OC who outrank him every week of the year except those 1st 6 this season disagree strongly? Or when Loomis divided charges have counter viewpoints? Seems like the chain of command is completely muddy. Will this become ugly if there are a couple of early loses?

Pat Yasinskas: It's far from an ideal situation, but I think they've set it up as well as they possibly could. Most of those guys have worked together for a long time and, even though Spags is new to Saints, he's a pro.


Nicolas (Parkland,FL): Do you think that Jordan Shipley or Tiquan Underwood has a chance to be the starting slot receiver?

Pat Yasinskas: Underwood maybe. Not sure what Shipley has left. There was a reason why Bengals cut him.

Macee (Michigan): How do you see Bucs LB Mason Foster this year? Seemed a tad lost last year but I got a funny feeling he's one of the top tacklers in the NFL by seasons end.

Pat Yasinskas: Think he'll be much improved with what should be better coaching. Would also help him a lot if McCoy can stay healthy.

Ashor Daniel (Chicago IL): Pat, As the Bucs I would really consider MJD in the bucs back field, in return giving back Blount and Mr trouble maker at corner. I think they would be instant playoff contenders.

Pat Yasinskas: And what makes you think Jags would want Talib and Blount?

Here’s the complete transcript of Friday’s NFC South chat.