Film of the NFC South chat

Let’s take a team-by-team look at the highlights of Friday’s NFC South chat:


Jamie (Atlanta): Will Peria Jerry be a liability?

Pat Yasinskas: I think he's looked pretty good so far. Might be that the knee is just finally getting healthy or that he finally has full confidence in the knee.

Jamie (Atlanta): Hey Pat, How is Babs looking on the Falcons D-Line?

Pat Yasinskas: Haven't noticed much specifically out of him, which isn't a bad thing for a DT. In other words, haven't seen him having problems, but also haven't seen any splash plays.

Jamie (Atlanta): What is Snelling's role this year?

Pat Yasinskas: Still will have a role. Won't be the first option behind Turner because Rodgers will be. But still could get some time at tailback. And I think you'll also see Snelling get some time at fullback and on special teams.


Adam (Asheville): I thought Clausen didn't look half bad out there last night, 114.6 QB rating. I think they should have done what you said and let him play the whole game. People want to act like he's awful but he always get stuck working with 3rd string.

Pat Yasinskas: Yeah, I saw some pretty good things out of him last night. I'm now thinking they should keep him around.

Gabe (Chapel Hill, NC): Hey Pat. Barring injury do you see Thomas Davis taking the starting job from James Anderson by the second half of the season?

Pat Yasinskas: Think Anderson starts and they use Thomas as a situational guy. Now, if they get well into the season Thomas is playing well and staying healthy, then maybe you consider moving him into starting lineup. But I think they'll go cautiously on this one.

John (Charlotte NC): Could you explain the reason why you are not giving the Panthers any respect. I thought you said the Panthers are team on the rise yet you picked them to finish 3rd.

Pat Yasinskas: Yes, I picked them third. But I also said they'd have a 9-7 record and also said they could be even better than that and make the playoffs if they can play a little defense and catch a break or two. I love how some people take predictions so seriously and I'm not singling John out.


Sean (New Haven, CT): Is Arrington going to make the Saints this year? Guy can't stay healthy but I've always been intrigued since his days at UM.

Pat Yasinskas: Think it will be a close call. There is a numbers crunch there with Arrington, Toon and Morgan.

Gabe (Chapel Hill, NC): Could you explain the logic of why everyone seems to think that the Saints are going to be just a little worse than last year after all of the off season issues? It seems to me that all of that will either have a major negative impact or through overcoming adversity they'll be as good or better than last year.

Pat Yasinskas: You might be asking the wrong guy. I picked Saints to win the division. I don't think the offseason stuff has impacted their roster very much. If Lofton's healthy, he's better than Vilma at this point. Offense still will be fine. Only question is how much will having revolving coaches hurt? I don't know the answer to that one.

Keith (Mobile AL): How different, if at all, will the Saints divide up the use of their RBs this year if Mark Ingram is healthier?

Pat Yasinskas: Think you'll see more of Ingram. He's a first-round pick and they want to get their money's worth. Might mean a little less of Pierre Thomas.


Sean (New Haven, CT): Does Shiano's conservative offense hurt or help Freeman's development this year?

Pat Yasinskas: We don't know how "conservative" it's going to be until we really see it in regular season. But I think it will help Freeman if there's a dependable running game. Takes pressure off him. Last year, it looked like he felt he had to force things.

Tim (Athens): Pat, what are your odds that Gerald McCoy plays in all 16 games this year?

Pat Yasinskas: Don't know the odds. But, if he does, I think Bucs' d-line could suddenly be pretty good.

Steve (Long Island): If Freeman regains 2010 form, do the bucs have enough talent to make the playoffs?

Pat Yasinskas: Not impossible, but they would need a lot of other things to fall nicely for them.

Here’s the complete transcript of Friday’s NFC South chat.