Schiano: Bucs' RBs will earn carries

Tampa Bay coach Greg Schiano said there’s a plan in place for how the Bucs will use running backs Doug Martin and LeGarrette Blount.

Martin earned the starting job during the preseason. Blount was the starter most of the last two seasons and Schiano said there are ways to keep both involved.

“A lot of it’s by feel,’’ Schiano told the media Monday. “I think things change. Do we have a plan? Sure we have a plan. I think a lot of that goes on how things are going. If a guy gets hot, you don’t want to take him out. He’s hot for a reason. You let him go.’’

The Bucs pulled a bit of a surprise over the weekend as they signed former New York Giants running back D.J. Ware. They also have rookie Michael Smith.

Schiano said roles for Martin and Blount could change during the season.

“As long as we get them reps in practice, so everybody’s ready to do their role,’’ Schiano said. “I think the important thing is it’s clearly communicated to each player what your role is for this week. That may change next week. But this is your role for this week and go out and execute.’’

Ware is best known as a third-down back. Smith looks like a guy that also could be a third-down back. Schiano said it’s possible all four running backs could be active at times, but added that the backups with the most versatility on special teams will get preferential treatment when deciding on the game-day roster.

“There are only so many touches and those are earned,’’ Schiano said.