Bucs gave Okoye $600,000 for nothing

If I’m Amobi Okoye, I don’t think I’d be questioning Greg Schiano’s character. For that matter, Okoye should be running to the bank to make sure the check the Tampa Bay Buccaneers gave him as a parting gift has cleared.

The Bucs cut Okoye a break when they released him Friday. His original contract was for $2 million -- $1.8 million in base salary and a $200,000 workout bonus. Okoye collected the workout bonus in the offseason. As the Bucs were about to cut the defensive tackle, his contract stipulated that $700,000 of his base salary was guaranteed and offset language, which lets a team off the hook if he is released and signs elsewhere.

The Bucs and Okoye quickly renegotiated the contract to remove the guarantee and the offset language, according to a source with knowledge of the deal. Okoye then was waived with a $400,000 injury settlement and promptly turned around and signed a new deal with the Chicago Bears and made some harsh comments about Schiano.

In all, Okoye made $600,000 from the Bucs without ever playing in a regular-season game for them. The Bucs got out of the botched partnership in decent shape as well. Thanks to the renegotiation, the $200,000 workout bonus is the only remnant of Okoye’s contract that counts against Tampa Bay’s salary cap.