Morris addresses Dungy rumor

Posted by ESPN.com’s Pat Yasinskas

Pretty interesting quote from Tampa Bay coach Raheem Morris on Wednesday on that rumor that the Bucs might pursue Tony Dungy to fill some sort of front office or consulting role.

"I have no idea where that came from honestly,’’ Morris told the Tampa Bay media. “The Glazers haven't approached me. I kind of feel bad for coach Dungy because he is at home trying to be with his family and everybody is trying to put him back to work. He's sponsoring everybody. He's mentoring Raheem. He's mentoring Mark Dominik. He's just hanging out in Tampa enjoying his family. If the Glazers have a conversation with Tony Dungy that is there prerogative. I'm excited for Tony Dungy, but I feel bad for Tony. That is just all speculation. If it had any truth to it than so be it. My job is to try win this week. That is my job."

So, Morris said he doesn’t know anything about it. Dungy has said he hasn’t been approached and is happy doing what he’s doing. What’s it all mean?

It’s just a rumor.

Oh, and this just in: John Fox is still coach of the Carolina Panthers and Bill Cowher is not.