Film of the NFC South chat

Let’s take a team-by-team look at some of the highlights from Friday’s NFC South chat:


Maen (Orlando): I hope the Bucs are planning on using Blount more than they did last week. I would hate to see Martin carrying 25-30 times per game. Was Blount just not used as much because of his "injury"?

Pat Yasinskas: They say they were concerned and thought things weren't "adding up" about his condition and that's why they held him out. Still, even when he's healthy, I think you'll see his carries increase only slightly. Martin's going to get the bulk, although I think they'd like to keep him under 25 carries most of the time.

Skilan (Orlando, Florida): Hey Pat, was wondering what you believe the realistic chances are that the Bucs beat the Giants this Sunday. Call me a "homer" but I think if our defense plays like it did last week, and we get the ground game going, we have a relatively decent shot at beating them.

Pat Yasinskas: Well, it's certainly going to be a challenge going into Meadowlands, especially after Giants lost their opener. But Bucs did a lot of good things last week. If they somehow can pull this one off, they'll suddenly have a lot of momentum.


Gage (Starkvegas, Ms): Did it look like coach kromer was in over his head? He had no fire in him. When the refs would make a bad call, he would stand there like a gargoyle. It seems like coaching has a huge impact on this saints team. Not only do the saints miss coach Payton, but also wide receivers coach Curtis Johnson. He always had his receivers ready to play. Just wanted to know your thoughts.

Pat Yasinskas: I'm not ready to judge Kromer after just one game. I will say he's developed an excellent reputation as an assistant. Just because his demeanor is different than Payton's doesn't mean he's a bad coach.

Bert (Raleigh ): Who do you think is under the most pressure to win Saints* or Panthers?

Pat Yasinskas: Probably the Saints. If they start 0-2, Kromer's going to start taking a lot of heat.


Greg (Charlotte, NC): Do you think Chud learned his lesson and is finally going to run the ball more this week?

Pat Yasinskas: I hope so. You have that much talent in the backfield, you should be running the ball a fair amount.

Gary (Houston, TX): Pat I realize that the Panthers want to model their franchise after Pittsburgh building through the draft keeping core players but the difference is the Steelers do that and win the Panthers do that and are mediocre at best. As much as this may seem harsh to say because if it wasn;t for JR the Carolinas wouldn't have a franchise butwill the Panthers never be a consistent winner until there is a different owner and front office?

Pat Yasinskas: Let's just say that Richardson, when looking at the Fox era, felt the reason there were never back-to-back winning seasons had much more to do with the coaching than with the front office. Not saying I completely agree. Just saying that's how Richardson saw it.


David W (Atlanta, GA): I don't want to get too excited after 1 game, but did the Falcons surprise you with their performance? I had thought that Mularkey was holding Ryan back, but even I didn't think we'd see that kind of performance on the road in their first game.

Pat Yasinskas: Wasn't really surprised because they did all the things I thought Koetter would do. It was nice to see because I agree about Mularkey holding Ryan back.

john (atl): do you think its time we trade Michael Turner??? last week he seemed slow and couldnt find the holes...rodgers looked sharp and fits our offense better...it would also free up alot of cap room getting rid of his contract

Pat Yasinskas: Who you going to get to trade for his contract at his age??? Besides, before all is said and done, Turner still will be an important part of this team.

Here’s the complete transcript of Friday’s NFC South chat.